This game is a rogue-like where you use die combination to intereact with your opponent. The games contains a small tutorial that we encourage you to read. 

Thanks for playing our game. 

Combinations :

  • Pair: Deal light damage to an enemy
  • Two pairs: Deal medium damage to an enemy and ignore its color.
  • Three of a kind: Deal medium damage to an enemy
  • Four of a kind: Deal medium damage to all enemies
  • Five of a kind: Deal huge damage to an enemy
  • Straight (5 different symbols): Obtain a shield
  • Full (Three of a kind + Pair): Heal

Sound designer: Baum

Artist: SLB and No0801

Game Designers: Rhum and No0801

Code: Rhum and No0801

Additional help : Flaps

Fonts : by Daniel Linssen

Social and links :

Baum :


Rhum :

Flaps :


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immaculate art style


Was this inspired by the manga Blame! By Tsutomu Nihei?

Yeah, is inspired in the manga, i love blame!


sorry if this is an awkward question but do the artists have any social pages to follow? Love the aesthetic in this

Hi ! I updated the page with their links, hope you find what you need !


Very interesting game,

Lovely artstyle and sound design,

I am a bit confused since I don't see any indicator of HP for the player or the enemy.

The text is a bit small and the dice dragging feels very stiff.


Hello !
Thanks for feedback !
We actually reverted to the previous build uploaded, which fixed the hp indicators !

Unfortunately, this means the music doesn't loop anymore.